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The Career Center's Career Guide for Computer Science

Computer science is an integral part of our lives, shaping virtually everything from the objects around us to the ways in which we communicate, travel, work, and play. And the computer revolution has just begun - computer science is now a key enabler for discovery and innovation in most other fields of endeavor, making it an incredibly relevant course of study. The potential for creativity and impact in areas such as medicine, health care, entertainment, the performing arts, education, transportation, security, and the environment is enormous.

The computer science program at Michigan is one of the oldest and most respected. It is also one of the most innovative, with new courses continually under development, many with an interdisciplinary, real-world focus. Recently introduced undergraduate courses have included opportunities for students to develop new musical interfaces and compositions on iPhones, to create in-car social network applications for an emerging Ford vehicle communications platform, and to develop and showcase exciting, intelligent video games.

Michigan computer science students develop a solid knowledge of programming languages, data structures, and computer organization from a faculty that is as acclaimed for excellence in teaching and mentoring as it is renowned for cutting edge research.


If you are interested in Computer Science or have questions about the major or minor please contact:

Undergraduate Advising Office
Computer Science & Engineering Division
2808 CSE Building
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2122
Telephone: (734) 763-6563

Prior Programming Experience. EECS 280 assumes prior programming experience using decision constructs, iteration, functions, basic I/O, and simple arrays in C/C++. Many students interested in Computer Science or Computer Engineering will have had such experience in high school coursework. Engineering students who do not place out of ENGR 101 should take ENGR 101 first, and LSA students who lack prior programming experience should take EECS 183 before taking EECS 280.


EECS Department Grade Policy. Grades of C or better must be achieved in all courses taken to satisfy Computer Science requirements.

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