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The Career Center's Career Guide for Informatics

Each Career Guide highlights curriculum requirements, as well as skills and abilities that may be developed and applied through each course of study. To complement the academic information, a range of interesting occupational opportunities are listed as a starting point for considering how academic experiences may translate to professional work settings. The Career Guide series represents a collaborative effort between The Career Center and numerous academic units.

Informatics Advising

The Academic Program Manager and members of the  Faculty Steering Committee that designed the major share responsibility for major advising. Students who are interested in the Informatics major should consult with an Academic Advisor in the Newnan LSA Academic Advising Center during their freshman year and are strongly encouraged to meet with a department advisor early in their academic career. To make an appointment with a department advisor, please contact

Note. It is not necessary to complete all prerequisite courses prior to declaring an Informatics major.

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