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Founded in 1880, the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance is one of the finest performing arts schools in the United States. Encompassing programs in dance, music, musical theatre, and theatre, we are consistently ranked among the top performing arts schools in the country when compared with performance-oriented conservatories or with prestigious academic departments of music.

Music (Joint Degree Program in Liberal Arts and Music) +

The LSA/Music joint degree programs are intended for students who seek the academic studies associated with the College of LS&A in combination with the professional training in performance-based or academic music studies associated with the School of Music, Theatre, & Dance (MT&D). Students interested in these degree programs typically seek concurrent admission, as freshmen, to both units, and, if successful, their programs of study will lead to bachelor's degrees from both. At least 150 credits are required to earn these joint degrees, and 100 of these must count as LSA credits. It is impractical to list specific requirements because of the variety of courses that may be elected by students, but it is usually possible for students electing 16-18 credits per term to meet all requirements in 11 to 12 terms.

For more information about the LSA/Music joint degree programs, contact the School of Music, Theatre & Dance Admissions Office at 734/764-0593 or

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