Near Eastern Studies (NES)

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Students interested in the Department's concentration programs in ACABS, AAPTIS, HJCS, or NEC should contact the department's director of undergraduate studies who will direct the student to the appropriate concentration advisor. Students who plan to complete the concentration requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Near Eastern Studies must complete the LS&A Declaration Form.

Languages Taught +

  • Akkadian
  • Arabic (Modern Standard, Ancient, Classical, Medieval, Colloquial Egyptian, Colloquial Levantine
  • Aramaic
  • Armenian (Western, Eastern, Classical)
  • Avestan (Old Persian)
  • Coptic
  • Egyptian, Middle
  • Hebrew (Modern, Biblical)
  • Kazak
  • Persian
  • Sumerian
  • Turkish (Standard, Ottoman, Tanzimat)
  • Ugaritic
  • Uzbek

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