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Not a concentration program

The School of Public Health offers LSA students an accelerated degree program through the departments of Environmental Health Sciences, Epidemiology, or Health Behavior and Health Education that leads to a bachelor's degree from LSA and a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree from the School of Public Health. The program is described in Chapter V in the section Public Health. Undergraduates wishing further information about course offerings and degree requirements should contact the School of Public Health.

Public Health and Liberal Arts (Bachelor's Degree and Master of Public Health) +

Eligibility: Students should be advanced enough to complete their major as well as all general college requirements by the end of their junior year. Minimum eligibility requirements are:

  • Must have completed a minimum of 100 credits by the end of their junior year, thus enabling them to graduate in the fall term of their senior year.
  • Must have a 3.5 GPA at the time of application.

Admission Process: Students who show enough progress toward completing their undergraduate degree are eligible to apply to the graduate program in the second term of their junior year. Students must first get a recommendation letter of support to the program from:

This recommendation should be sent directly to the Admissions Officer at the School of Public Health. The student will complete all required admissions materials for the School of Public Health (application, statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, GRE or MCAT scores) and will apply through the normal school-wide mechanism. He/she should also submit an Election Form and plan for completing the undergraduate requirements and enrolling in the initial set of required graduate courses in the first term of his/her senior year.

Admitted 4+1 students will matriculate into the School of Public Health at the beginning of the Winter term of their senior year.

Academic Advising: Once admitted to the SPH graduate program, the student will be assigned a faculty advisor from that department. However, LSA Academic Advising will retain primary responsibility for academic advising until the student has completed the undergraduate degree.

Credits: Undergraduates who have been admitted to the SUGS program will be given permission by the graduate program to enroll in the required graduate coursework. However students must be registered a minimum of two terms of the masters program in the graduate career only, with no other U-M registration. No dual enrollment is required. Approved graduate credits taken in the final undergraduate term — typically the Fall of their senior year — will be double counted in the graduate program upon matriculation.

Note: Students can double-count up to 15 credits from their undergraduate coursework towards their graduate coursework if the credits are 400 or higher level.

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