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Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS)

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Southeast Asia is one of the world's most dynamic and interesting regions, and the University of Michigan is one of the best places to study Southeast Asia in the world.

The Center for Southeast Asian Studies is a U.S. Department of Education National Resource Center. The Center is committed to promoting a broader and deeper understanding of Southeast Asia and its peoples, cultures, and histories by providing resources for faculty, students and the community to learn and disseminate knowledge about the region.

The Center for Southeast Asian Studies offers a broad, interdisciplinary approach to the study of Southeast Asia at the Master's and Graduate Certificate level. Undergraduates may pursue Southeast Asian Studies through a major or minor in the Department of Asian Language and Cultures. In addition to the courses offered by the Center, students can find courses on Southeast Asia offered by the various disciplinary departments, such as History, Anthropology, Political Science, etc. The Center posts a complete Southeast Asia area course list on its web site each term.

Drawing on over 100 years of engagement with the region, every year Michigan offers a wide range of courses, student clubs and events focusing on Southeast Asia. Whether you want to take a course on the region, travel to the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand or Vietnam with faculty members, or study abroad for a semester, you can discover more about this fascinating part of the world while you're here at Michigan.


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