External Scholarship Opportunities

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The search for scholarships can often be a difficult, frustrating and daunting task; however, with some examples of scholarships and a few tips on searching, the task can be made easier. Below are numerous resources for current college and high school students. The following resources range from internal sources through the University of Michigan to external sources sponsored by outside companies and organizations. There are also lists of possible places for students to pursue local scholarships. Because the search for scholarships is on going there is also a list of helpful websites for students to search through. Before beginning their search, though, students should read through a few helpful tips from scholarship expert, and publisher of Fastweb and Finaid.org, Mark Kantrowitz. The following is just a few of the tips from his book, "Secrets to Winning a Scholarship":

  • The sooner students start their scholarship search the better.
  • Students should prioritize their applications they have to complete. Students should look at the dates the scholarships are due and their value when prioritizing.
  • Look for local scholarships, great places to start are guidance counselors' offices or financial aid offices.
  • Apply for less competitive scholarships. Although they generally are worth less money the student has a better chance of winning the award.
  • One thing many students do not consider is how they appear on the internet. Students should search themselves online and seeing what is yielded. If they have unprofessional material on any websites they should quickly remove it before applying.
  • Proofread a printed copy of the application and especially the essays before submission.


With these tips, and a few starting places to search students should be well on their way to earning scholarships.

Departmental Scholarships (PDF)

Websites to Search for External Scholarships (PDF)

External Scholarship Opportunities (PDF)

Local Scholarship Ideas (PDF)

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