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Every year, we hear lots of the same kinds of concerns from sophomores: "I loved my course in Modern Greek, but my parents say it's not practical enough," or " I've been 'exploring,' but nothing is really grabbing me," or "I took the prerequisite courses and now I don't want to major in Poli Sci anymore."

You're not alone. Virtually every LSA sophomore is thinking about the same issues. In fact, my own sophomore experience might sound similar to what you are going through! For many of us, past and present, the sophomore year seems to hasten these moments of challenge and self-engagement, of figuring things out, of energizing our lives and learning, and of launching us, in one manner or another, into our future.

It's OKAY to not have your 5- or 10-year life plan all figured out. The sophomore year is a year of opportunity and a time for exploration. With the Sophomore Initiative, the College of LSA is creating opportunities distinctly for sophomores, including an amazing set of courses, for you to build into your Michigan experience. We've aimed this website at helping you learn a bit more about how to get the most out of your sophomore year, and how to use a change of plans as an opportunity rather than an obstacle.
Phil Deloria
Phil Deloria
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
Carroll Smith-Rosenberg Collegiate Chair of History and American Studies




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