Experiential Opportunities

We know you can't take advantage of every opportunity. But try to plan for some of these. Coming to school at a place like Michigan means you have access to programs other schools simply can't offer. Every LSA student (and that means every LSA sophomore) should have the chance for:

1. Research involvement: Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP)
For 1st and 2nd year students only. Academic research is a great way to meet faculty and to explore an advanced topic early in college.

2. An international, intercultural experience: Study Abroad (Center for Global and Intercultural Study)
Experience another culture in-depth for a few weeks, a summer, a semester, or an entire year. Do it alone or with a faculty member and classmates. There are dozens upon dozens of programs to choose from.

3. An interdisciplinary learning experience: Sophomore Initiative Courses
LSA has sophomore seminars, small experiential learning courses and other innovative offerings to help sophomores explore the terrain of the liberal arts.

4. Community-based learning and service: Ginsberg Center
The Ginsberg Center offers a range of programs and works with students and faculty to strengthen community service learning across the University of Michigan.

5. An internship or practical learning experience: check out our Internships page.

6. Take the time to explore your surroundings and discover how much Ann Arbor has to offer, such as the Michigan Theater, University Musical Society performances, or Ann Arbor's many museums.

7. Explore a world outside Ann Arbor by taking classes or pursuing an internship in a variety of places around the United States:

  • Biological Station
    Located in northern Michigan, the BioStation is a premier field research facility. Undergrads can take classes (from bio to English) or participate in research there.
  • Camp Davis
    Spend time studying an array of subjects from geology to American culture at U-M's field camp in Wyoming.
  • Michigan in Washington
    Work on an internship in D.C. while taking U-M sponsored classes at a facility in our nation's capital.
  • New England Literature Program
    Live like Thoreau. Well, kind of. Study classic American literature and write with U-M professors in the mountains of New England.
  • Semester in Detroit
    Spend an entire semester living, working, and learning in Detroit. The program places students in community-oriented internships or jobs, and classes are taught by Ann Arbor faculty through U-M's Detroit Center.


Student with Michigan flag studying abroad

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