Soph Initiative Courses

Fall 2015 Sophomore Initiative Course Offerings

Because your sophomore year represents a transition from being new to college to beginning to plan for your future, LSA offers courses designed to showcase how the liberal arts really work. Among these, you'll find small seminars, classes that span multiple disciplinary perspectives, hands-on experiential learning courses, and many more innovative options! 


As an example of the types of classes LSA is offering, take a look at the popular "Twenty Two Ways" class, which features guest lectures from 22 different professors examining a topic from 22 points of view. You'll learn how to really dissect an idea and apply a range of skills in doing so. For Winter 2014, the topic is "22 Ways to Think about New Media," where you can learn to think broadly about the ways to share new media technologies through a variety of different disciplines by meeting scientists and artists, and also publishers, curators, policy experts and more, from schools across campus.   Journey with us to the new digital media and the many ways we communicate through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, blogging and communication tools used at school: Ctools, Google Drive, Piazza, Lecture Tools, Blogging, and alike.

The University talked to some students who took the class in Fall 2011 (when the topic was "food") and assembled the following video:

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