Academic Credit

U-M Programs

For Michigan programs such as those administered through LSA's Center for Global and Intercultural Study, please visit M-Compass to learn the details surrounding each individual program, including academic credit.

Other Programs

For programs managed through other institutions, be sure to check the Transfer Equivalencies site to see if courses you are considering taking, and want to use for transfer credit, have been evaluated; if not fill out the Transfer Credit Equivalencies Form.

Additionally, keep the following in mind when choosing courses with the goal of receiving academic credit:

  • For classes to transfer, the course must be coming from a parallel department, i.e., history to history or put another way, you will not get credit for a cooking class because we don't offer cooking classes as part of the curriculum.
  • You must get a letter grade of 'C' or better to have the credit transfer.
  • You many not repeat a course for which you already have credit. 
  • If you plan on, or are required, to take language courses in a language you've studied, or in which you took a placement test at U-M, make sure the courses will not be repetitions of coursework taken here or tested out of through your placement exam. Check this on the Transfer Equivelency website or pre-evaluate if necessary. Meeting  the language requirement abroad will need approval from that language department.
  • Academic credit will come through in one of two ways:
    • Departmental credit
    • A direct course equivalency
  • Transferable credit can be used in a number of ways.  In all instances, you will want to arrange an appointment with the relevant advisor(s):
    • Major/Minor
    • LSA Area Distribution

Your academic advisor can evaluate courses taken abroad for distribution requirements.  Departmental advisors evaluate courses for use in a major or  minor.

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