Support for ULWR Courses

The Upper-Level Writing Requirement (ULWR) provides writing-centered courses in students' chosen concentrations that incorporate writing as a catalyst for understanding, research, dialogue, analysis, and expression. Read below for more information about ULWR course planning, proposals, renewals and support from Sweetland.

In regards to the ULWR, the Sweetland Center for Writing...

  • establishes course guidelines and develops models for writing instruction
  • approves ULWR-designated courses;
  • funds and trains GSIs to assist in writing instruction;
  • offers consultation for faculty designing or revising a ULWR course

To propose or renew a ULWR course...

  • Review the ULWR Course Guidelines, the ULWR Rubric, and the ULWR Proposal Planning Sheet.
  • Download and complete the ULWR Course Proposal Form.
  • If you are interested in requesting GSI support from the Sweetland Center for Writing, download and complete the GSI Support Request Form.
  • Submit the completed forms along with an updated course syllabus to
  • Four-six weeks after filing your proposal, you will receive an email notifying you of whether your proposal was approved.
  • Approved proposals are considered current for 5 years; after that, the course proposal must be renewed.
  • Please note: all ULWR courses must be offered for a minimum of 3 credits and have a course number of 300 or higher.


For support designing or rethinking a ULWR course...

We can help design a course, create assignments for an existing course, or adapt a current course to meet the ULWR criteria. To schedule a consultation with the Sweetland Center for Writing, please send an email to

Sample Syllabi

Sarah Aciego - Assistant Professor - Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences - Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences

Mika LaVaque-Manty - Arthur F. Thurnau Professor - Associate Professor of Political Science - Director of Undergraduate Studies - Department of Political Science

Robin Queen - Arthur F. Thurnau Professor - Associate Professor of Linguistics, English Language and Literatures and Germanic Languages and Literatures.

Laura J. Olsen, Ph.D. - Arthur F. Thurnau Professor - Director of the Program in Biology - Professor of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology - Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Megan Sweeney, Ph.D.- Associate Professor - Department of English Language and Literature, Department of Afroamerican and African Studies, and Department of Women’s Studies - Faculty Affiliate: Joint Program in English and Education - Faculty Associate: American Culture