Temporary Exhibits

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The Museum has temporary exhibits in several locations in and near the Ruthven Building.

Rotunda Lobby: Cells Self-Organize!

Rotunda Lobby

Cells Self-Organize!

Through February 3.

Details forthcoming.


Fourth Floor Gallery: Wild India!

Part of the India in the World LSA Theme Semester, "Wild India" explores the diversity of animal life on the Indian sub-continent, how life has adapted to a range of habitats, and the role some animals play in Indian culture. "Wild India" features 36 specimens, most from the UM Museum of Zoology research collections. Most have never been on display! The use of study specimens, like those on display, helps highlight the importance of object-based research at the University of Michigan.

Open until June 1st, 2014. 

"Wild India" was produced with the generous support of the India in the World Theme Semester.

Fourth Floor Gallery: Explore Evolution

Fourth Floor Gallery

Explore Evolution

Explore Evolution examines evolution at work on a number of species, from fungus to finches, from ants to whales, with humans and chimpanzees thrown in the mix. Explore Evolution was produced by the University of Nebraska and the Science Museum of Minnesota, with contributions from several experts in evolutionary science— including U-M’s own Philip Gingerich, whose work on fossil whales is featured.



Fourth Floor Hallway: Between Power and Spirit: Sacred Spaces in Ancient Peru

Fourth Floor Hallway Exhibit

Between Power and Spirit: Sacred Spaces in Ancient Peru

Now open

Joe Hines (Anthropology, ‘75) travelled to Peru in the ‘70s and ‘80s to participate in U-M field work.  He returned in the ‘90s to document sacred buildings in Machu Picchu, Cuzco and other Incan sites.  Through stunning black-and-white photography, Hines explores ancient Incan architecture and use of space.  Now a Dearborn-based designer, Hines has generously made his photographs available to the Museum for display.  Between Power and Spirit will have an open-ended run in the Museum’s fourth-floor Hallway Gallery.

Fourth Floor Temporary Gallery: Archaeology

Fourth Floor Temporary Gallery


"Archaeology" examines the methods and tools that archaeologists use to uncover ancient cultures, focusing on the work of University of Michigan archaeologists. The "Archaeology" exhibit is currently undergoing renovations and will feature new exhibits, including topics of Inca beer, underwater archaeology of Lake Huron, and the earliest inland European fort in the U.S. The exhibit is currently open during renovations. 

Check back for more details this summer!

Shapiro 3rd Floor Science Library: Secret Life of Birds

U-M Shapiro Science Library

Secret Life of Birds

Birds are everywhere you look -- and many places you don't. Creeping through the cracks of culture, lurking in the layers of language, hiding in the hollows of history, birds are everywhere. They have us surrounded. What are they up to? What are the concealing? What unspoken mysteries permeate...the secret life of birds? 

Enjoy this unique and creative exhibit through April 14th.