Temporary Exhibits

    Dance of the Neurons: The Art of Neuroscience

Fourth Floor: Explore Evolution

Explore Evolution

Explore Evolution examines evolution at work on a number of species, from fungus to finches, from ants to whales, with humans and chimpanzees thrown in the mix. Explore Evolution was produced by the University of Nebraska and the Science Museum of Minnesota, with contributions from several experts in evolutionary science— including U-M’s own Philip Gingerich, whose work on fossil whales is featured.

Fourth Floor: Dance of the Neurons: The Art of Neuroscience

Dance of the Neurons: The Art of Neuroscience

Beautiful full-color images of microscopic cell structures combine delicate art with cutting-edge science.  The images were selected from the BioArtography project of the U-M Center for Organogenesis (www.BioArtography.com) in support of the  Museum of Natural History's winter term programming on brain science.

Fourth Floor: The Shape of the Universe

The Shape of the Universe

Until January 2016

This exhibit traces the history of our evolving understanding of the Universe, from Einstein's discovery of space-time, through the development of theories explaining the Big Bang and cosmic expansion, up to cutting-edge research on gravity waves being conducted by U-M scientist Lydia Bier. The exhibit includes interactives, video, beautiful NASA photographs, and artwork by local high school students.