Museum-Based Courses

Museum Methods 406: Offered at the Museum of Natural History, this winter-term class focuses on the theory and practice of museum exhibits and museum education through lectures and a hands-on lab.  Students explore exhibit design, principles of informal education involving interpretation and communication of complex ideas, and the history of museums.  This course regularly receives rave reviews from students.

Museum Techniques in Anthropology (Anthrarc 496/497):  Offered in the Museum of Anthropology, this course teaches students about the organization and function of museums in general with specific examples derived from anthropology museums, including the ethics of museum collecting, classification of collections, storage, conservation, collection management, public outreach, and legal constraints.

Museum Studies Program

The graduate-level, interdisciplinary Museum Studies Program (MSP) draws upon the University of Michigan's exceptional intellectual and material resources in the arts, humanities, sciences, social sciences and technology.  The MSP recently added an undergraduate minor in Museum Studies.  The MSP website provides information on the certificate program and undergraduate minor and a list of cognate courses that may be of interest.