Funding for Mentors

UROP provides small research grants to mentors to cover the expense of low-cost equipment and materials, such as lab supplies, photocopying, telephone calls, etc. needed to support UROP student research activity, up to $500 per student. To apply for these funds, complete the Supplementary Research Funding Application Form and return it to the UROP office via campus mail or fax it to 734.615.9971.

Please include a list of the expense item(s) and the estimated cost(s) with your request. If approved, funds will be transferred into the requesting sponsor's University account, usually a discretionary account. This account may not be a federally-funded account. Please indicate the name, address and phone number of an administrative assistant, secretary or other person who our office may contact if we have any questions regarding the transfer of funds. You will be sent a memo indicating the approval of transfer of funds and the amount of the transfer.

UROP Sponsor Supplemental Funding Form (PDF)