To the Golden Cities: Pursuing the American Jewish Dream in Miami and L.A.

Author(s): Deborah Dash Moore

To the Golden Cities


The first great modern migration of the Jewish people, from the Old World to America, has been often and expertly chronicled, but until now the second great wave of Jewish migration has been overlooked. After World War II, spurred by a postwar economic boom, American Jews sought new beginnings in the nation's South and West. There, they shaped a new, postwar style of American Judaism for the second half of the twentieth century. Today these sun-soaked, entrepreneurial communities contribute greatly to the American Jewish landscape. In this book, the vibrant Jewish culture of Los Angeles and Miami comes to life through Moore's skillful weaving of individual voices, dreams, and accomplishments.
After World War II, thousands of Jews responded to the siren call of warmth and opportunity in the South and West. In an epic saga, Moore interweaves individual voices, dreams, and accomplishments, while tracing the evolution of a new consensus on the boundaries of Jewish life and the essence of being Jewish.

Publication Information:

Publisher: The Free Press

Year of Publication: 1994