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Jamie Andreson

Doctoral Student in Anthropology and History

1029 Tisch Hall, Ann Arbor MI 48109-1003

  • Affiliation(s)
    • Dept of Anthropology
    • Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies
    • Dept of African and African-American Studies
  • Fields of Study
    • 19th C Brazil
    • African diaspora religions
  • About

    Over the past few years I have focused on the History of Anthropology in Brazil, especially studies of the Afro-Brazilian religion candomblé. As a case study of Ruth Landes' work in Bahia, this project discusses issues of representation, methodology of fieldwork and power dynamics within the field of Anthropology and Feminist Anthropology more specifically. For my Ph.D. I am interested in exploring questions of gender roles within the religion as related to religious leadership, spaces of possession and sexuality. My work will expand comparatively to look at manifestations of similar religious practices in the Caribbean (especially santería in Cuba and vodun in Haiti) as well as historically West African forms as a broader history of the Atlantic World.


    Andreson, Jamie. “Edison Carneiro and Ruth Landes: Authority and Matriarchy in Candomblé Field Research, 1938-9”, Berkeley Undergraduate Journal, 25(1):117-145, Spring 2012 <>

    Andreson, Jamie. "Ruth Landes e Edison Carneiro: matriarcado e etnografia nos candomblés da Bahia (1938-9), Revista de História da UEG, v.2, n. 1 (2013) <>.


  • Education
    • BA, U.C. Berkeley, 2012
    • currently completing MA in Ethnic and African Studies at the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA)
  • Awards
    • Florence Mason Palmer Memorial Essay Prize (UC Berkeley, 2012), High Honors Thesis (UC Berkeley History Department, 2012)
  • Grants
    • Ruth Landes Memorial Research Fund (2012), International Merit Scholarship (Institute of International Studies, UC Berkeley, 2011)