This is language immersion through online video that is accessible to students, faculty, and staff of University of Michigan.
* Work on your Listening Comprehension Skills!
* Watch authentic French, Spanish, and English video clips from television, film and music!
* Listen to authentic materials at different speeds!
* Choose whether you want subtitles, translations, both or neither!

You need to register to use the full features of Yabla, but registration is free! If you want to take a look at it first, see the demos below.
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FAQ's for Yabla

Why do I need to register or subscribe, if it’s free?
Good question! The LRC pays an annual subscription fee to Yabla in order to make this resource available to the UofM language learning community. The registration process is necessary to verify membership in the UofM community and to count the number of users (and, thus, the amount the LRC will pay). We thank you for your understanding.

Why do I have to wait for my subscription to be processed?
As part of the registration process, we need to verify membership in the UofM community. This means a member of the LRC staff must actually cross-check the request with the umich directory and update the membership database. We thank you for your patience.

Can anyone register or subscribe?
The Yabla video clips will be available to anyone in the University of Michigan (umich) community – undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty!

How long will I have access to Yabla?
You will have access for one month. Just like a library book, it will be possible to renew your subscription before the end of 30 days. If there is no one on the waitlist to sign up, your request will be granted.