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Jessica Stevens

Doctoral Candidate in Greek & Roman History

1029 Tisch Hall, Ann Arbor MI, 48109-1003
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  • Affiliation(s)
    • Greek & Roman History
  • Fields of Study
    • Roman History, middle to late Republic and early Principate
    • Historical Memory, Emotion
  • About

    Jessica is a PhD candidate in the Interdepartmental Program in Greek and Roman History and her research interests center on the intersections of memory, history, and identity in the late Roman Republic and the Principate.  In particular, Jessica‚Äôs dissertation examines how various institutions of memory (including the gens, aristocratic values, public performances, and historical writing) impacted elite Roman society and politics as newly enfranchised peoples were admitted to the Senate and as the political fabric of Rome was rewritten by the victory of Augustus.  These institutions of memory served as a constant during the upheavals of the late 1st century BCE and the reigns Julio-Claudian and informed elite behavior and identity, often to the detriment of aristocrats who did not understand the changes enveloping their world.  Jessica is also interested in the application of these questions to later periods of Roman history, including the transition of the empire to Christianity and the operation of the Roman Senate under the Goths in the 5th and 6th centuries CE.  Her other research interests include imperial fortresses and the topography of Rome, aristocratic competition and enmity, prosopography, and epigraphy.

  • Education
    • BA, English, Truman State University, 2003
    • MA, Classical Studies, University of Colorado Boulder, 2006