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AC Graduate Students, Faculty, and Staff stand with Marlene Moore, recipient of 2012 Kay Beattie Distinguished Service Award

NAS Professors are joined by MSU faculty via skype

U-M Native American Studies faculty are joined by MSU faculty via skype

Asian/Pacific Islander American Studies
Silvia Pedraza lectures on Cuba and Venezuela

Welcome to American Culture

Celebrating 80 Years of American Culture

To celebrate the department's upcoming 80th anniversary, we're holding a conference in March on the future of American Studies.
We are currently accepting papers.

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As the oldest program in American studies in the country, we have educated generations of Wolverines about the changing meanings of US citizenship and national belonging.

American Culture started with a small, but dedicated, coalition of faculty and students who volunteered their time and intellectual talents. They eschewed traditional academic disciplinary boundaries for new scholarly conversations about what it has meant to be "American." Over the years, we have grown and matured into an unmatched center for understanding the nation’s ever increasing diversity and global connections. Today, we are the top American studies department in the world. Our students and faculty are uniquely committed to social justice and the highest standards of scholarship. We are proud, too, to be home to ethnic studies programs at Michigan: Asian/Pacific Islander American Studies, Arab and Muslim American Studies, Latina/o Studies, and Native American Studies.


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