Drosophila in test tubes
Students at the Biological Station
Students explore a pond
In the lab
MCDB Labwork
Birdwatching at the U-M Biological Station
Robyn Burnham with her students
Student tapes a podcast at the Natural History Museum
David Marvin studies leaves
Lab work
Lab work
Marc Ammerlaan teaches lab
Taking notes in lab


The Program in Biology encompasses a breadth of disciplines spanning all levels of organization and includes the study of a diversity of organisms.  Our program includes: over 80 full-time faculty, seven different majors (and three minors), and a wide spectrum of career opportunities for graduates!

Interested students are encouraged to make an advising appointment early in their careers to discuss their plans!  

Or stop by to visit one of our peer advisors in the Undergraduate Science Building (1140 USB).

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