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Opportunities For Giving

A gift is a personal gesture, reflecting the loyalty, the affection and the interests of the giver. Sometimes they reflect loyalty built during an experience as a student, researcher, member of the faculty or staff. 

Gifts may express gratitude for a particular experience, for the department in general, or for an individual mentor, instructor, student, staff member, faculty member, or colleague. 

Or a gift may come as a result of a desire to see progress made in a particular area of research. Our website provides information about the research interests of our faculty and potential donors may find particular themes of research ripe for funding.

Privleges as a Donor

All gifts to the Psychology Department are administered in strict compliance with the instructions of the donor. An unrestricted gift—any gift not accompanied by instructions—is one where the donor leaves the administration of the funds to the discretion of the department chair.

Please feel free to support these endowment funds, or talk with us about establishing a new endowment.

In addition to these endowments we also have needs for specific capital investment for equipment and research apparatus. To contribute or to request more information, please contact us at

About the Funds

Highlighted below are our funds that are in the most need of support from Alumni and Friends.

To read about all of our campaign funding priorities, please read the Department of Psychology's funding priorities PDF.

There are many avenues to support the Department of Psychology, and all gifts are appreciated. At the present time, the FUND Psychology Department Strategic Fund is a high priority effort; information about this and other funds can be found below

The Psychology Strategic Fund +

Overall, this fund is an excellent way to make an investment in the future of the Department of Psychology.

The ability to respond in a timely manner is critical to any organization. The strategic fund provides resources for the department's focused initiatives such as:

  • The creation of new undergraduate courses
  • Purchase of specialized equipment for new courses
  • Focused response to innovative opportunities to build on faculty talents, such as joint/interdisciplinary hires with Women's Studies, School of Engineering, and Neuroscience.
  • Recruitment and retention of the best faculty and graduate students through the development of new research projects. (New projects need pilot data that is often not eligible for federal and nonfederal grant support.)

The strategic fund provides resources for the department's focused initiatives and provides support for undergraduates, graduates, faculty, and staff. 

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Psychology Graduate Student Support Funding +

Graduate Students in this program spend a significant amount of time and funds into their research. They also travel all over the country publishing and presenting their work. 

Contributions to this fund provide graduate students with fellowships and funding for research and other student related activities.

Click here to give to this fund.

Psychology Undergraduate Research Fund +

We are proud that research is a major cornerstone of our undergraduate curriculum. Undergraduate psychology students are actively involved in research projects--in many cases those projects lead to important results that appear in conference presentations or in published articles.

We feel that the support of undergraduate research projects is becoming increasingly important as graduate schools across the country require some form of research experience for admission.

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Wilbert (Bill) J. McKeachie Discretionary Fund +

This gift will be used at the Psychology Chair's discretion to support the mission of the Psychology Department.

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In Sum

We welcome gifts of any size. All gifts are appreciated and will be put to good use. You may send a check or use the link below to make a gift online. by clicking here.

If you have a specific desire for your gift that does not appear here or if you would like more information, please contact us by email to or call us at 734.764.7429.

To read about all of our campaign funding priorities, please read the Department of Psychology's funding priorities PDF.