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Administrative Offices

Chair's Office

Jocelyn Anderson 734.647.7789
Jennifer Barnett 734.615.0070
Katie Schmitt 734.764.4729

Floor Administrators

Linda Anderson 734.764.6332
Conni Harrigan 734.763.1078
Timothy Keeler  
Mary Mohrbach 734.647.8019
Dianne Shute 734.764.1587

Human Resources

Lisa Boehr 734.647.3887
Jaime Howe 734.647.3927
Jessica Grden 734.647.4952

Business Office

Matthew Brott 734.647.7416
Anna Maria Caruso 734.615.0226
Lori Harris 734.615.2053
Sherry Mason 734.615.5954
Jacob Schlag 734.647.8104
Emily Sejfulla 734.647.3937
Marianne Tryban 734.615.5975


Bakari Wooten 734.647.8217

Student Academic Affairs

Sheri Circele 734.764.2580
Saroya Cicero 734.764.5724
Danielle Joanette 734.764.5605
Tina Griffith 734.767.3936
Megan Leonard 734.763.2131
Miaisha Peoples 734.764.2580
Jennifer Taylor 734.647.6243
Brian Wallace 734.764.9179

East Hall Technology Services Office (EHTS)

EHTS Website 734.763.0193

Research Technical Services

Marc Bradshaw 734.615.5053


Susan Turkel 734.763.1630