• Paulina Alberto

    Paulina Alberto

    Associate Professor of Spanish, Portuguese, and History 4422 MLB 1275

    Modern Latin American History and Historiography; Brazil and Argentina; Ideologies of Race, Nation, and Citizenship; Intellectual/Cultural History; Afro-Latin America/Diaspora734.763.3208 / palberto@umich.edu

  • Fernando Arenas

    Fernando Arenas

    Professor of Lusophone African, Brazilian, and Portuguese Studies
    On leave Winter 2015
    4202 MLB 1275

    734.647.2337 / farenas@umich.edu

  • Giorgio Bertellini

    Giorgio Bertellini

    Associate Professor of Italian and Screen Arts and Cultures 6330 North Quad. 1045

    Silent Cinema History, Transnational Visual Culture, Italian Cinema734.763.1144 / giorgiob@umich.edu

  • Vincenzo Binetti

    Vincenzo A. Binetti

    Professor of Italian 4004 MLB 1275

    19th-20th Century Italian Literature; Cultural Studies; Film; the radical movements of the 1960s and 1970s; relations between Literature, Philosophy, and Political Theory734.647.2685 / vbinetti@umich.edu

  • caron interim

    David Caron

    Professor of French 4218 MLB 1275

    20th-21st Century literature and culture, Queer Studies, HIV/AIDS, Holocaust & Jewish Studies, World Queer Cinema734.647.2665 / dcaron@umich.edu

  • Javier Castro-Ibaseta

    Javier Castro-Ibaseta

    Lecturer III of Spanish 4415 MLB

    734.936.6226 / fjcastro@umich.edu

  • Alina Clej

    Alina Clej

    Associate Professor of French

    19th and 20th Century French Literature and Culture; Comparative Literature; European Studies; 20th Century Art and Architecture734-647-2331 / aclej@umich.edu

  • Alison Cornish

    Alison Cornish

    Professor of Italian
    On leave 2014-2015
    4216 MLB 1275

    Italian Literature, Medieval and Renaissance, Dante, Translation, Vernacularity, Science and Literature, Music and Literature, Renaissance Drama734.764.4382 / acorn@umich.edu

  • Nilo Couret

    Nilo Couret

    Assistant Professor of Spanish MLB 4214

    Latin American Cinema and Popular Culture, Post-Independence Cinemas of Africa and Asia, European Cinema, Trauma Studies and Affect Theory, Postcolonial Studies, Film and Media Theoriesncouret@umich.edu

  • Rachael Criso

    Rachael Criso

    Lecturer IV of French 4040 MLB 1275

    Business French, French Summer Internship Program; 20th Century French Literature: WWII Literature, Narratology, Nouveau Roman, Editions de Minuit734.647.9803 / rcriso@umich.edu

  • Carlos_de_los_Santos_RLL

    Carlos Juan de los Santos Plata

    Lecturer, Spanish 4016 MLB 1275

    734.647.2352 / deloss@umich.edu

  • Maria Dorantes

    Maria Dorantes

    Lecturer IV of Spanish 4020 MLB 1275

    734.647.2322 / lourdes@umich.edu

  • Steven Dworkin

    Steven Dworkin

    Professor of Romance Linguistics and Spanish 4144 MLB 1275

    Linguistics, Medieval Spanish Linguistics734.764.4381 / dworkin@umich.edu

  • Frieda Ekotto

    Frieda Ekotto

    Professor of French 4124 MLB 1275

    20th and 21st century literature, culture and cinema, Africana Studies, Critical Race Theory and Comparative Literature734.764.5368 / ekotto@umich.edu

  • Sabine_Gabaron_RLL

    Sabine Gabaron

    Lecturer IV of French 3307 MLB

    La Bande Dessinée (French Comics), the French medical system, Cross-cultural comparisons, Second language acquisition, Linguistics and phonetics, the use of technology in the classroom734.647.2398 / sgabaron@umich.edu

  • Olga Gallego

    Olga Gallego

    Lecturer IV of Spanish 4022 MLB 1275

    Elementary Language Instruction, Applied Linguistics/Second Language Acquisition734.647.2354 / ogallego@umich.edu

  • E. Garcia Santo-Tomas 3

    Enrique García Santo-Tomás

    Professor of Spanish

    Early Modern Spanish Literature734.647.2333 / enriqueg@umich.edu

  • Lorenzo García-Amaya

    Lorenzo García-Amaya

    Lecturer III of Spanish 4415 MLB 1275

    Second language acquisition, psycholinguistics, study abroad, context of learning, second language variation, child variation, Jerezano Andalusian Spanishlgarciaa@umich.edu

  • Goetz

    Stephanie Goetz

    Elementary Languages Director; Lecturer III of Spanish


  • Raquel Gonzalez

    Raquel Gonzalez

    Lecturer IV of Spanish 4030 MLB

    Spanish Language, Anthropology734.647.2357 / raquelng@umich.edu

  • Mayte Green-Mercado

    Marya T. Green-Mercado

    Assistant Professor of Mediterranean Studies MLB 4402

    Religious, cultural, and political history of the early modern Iberian, Mediterranean, and Islamic worldsmgreenme@umich.edu

  • Michele Hannoosh

    Michele Hannoosh

    Professor of French 4208 MLB 1275

    Nineteenth-century French literature, art, and society; art criticism, relations between the arts; the city, Walter Benjamin, the history of modernity; the representation of history; parody; comparative literature; the Mediterranean734.647.2339 / hannoosh@umich.edu

  • Jarrod Hayes

    Jarrod Hayes

    Professor of French 4220 MLB 1275

    Contemporary French and Francophone Studies; Gender and Sexuality Studies; Postcolonial Theory734.647.2670 / hayesj@umich.edu

  • Nicholas Henriksen

    Nicholas Henriksen

    Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics 4124 MLB 1275

    Spanish phonetics & phonology, intonation, prosody, sociophonetics, experimental phonetics, second language speech learningnhenriks@umich.edu

  • Alejandro Herrero-Olaizola

    Alejandro Herrero-Olaizola

    Associate Chair
    Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Spanish
    4142 MLB 1275

    Latin American Literature, Critical Theory, Comparative Literature, Trans-Atlantic Studies, The Politics of Publishing, Censorship and Literary Markets, The Culture Industry734.647.2336 / aherrero@umich.edu

  • Juli Highfill

    Juli Highfill

    Professor of Spanish
    On leave 2014-2015
    4222 MLB 1275

    19th and 20th century literature, the Spanish and Argentine historic avant-gardes, material and visual culture, early cinema in Spain, literary and cultural theory734.763.5249 / highfill@umich.edu

  • Ann Hilberry

    Lecturer IV of Spanish 4026 MLB

    734.764.6502 / hilberry@umich.edu

  • George Hoffman

    George Hoffmann

    Professor of French
    Graduate Chair
    4126 MLB 1275

    16th-Century French Literature; Object Theory, Post-Secular Theory734.647.2329 / georgeh@umich.edu

  • Kate Jenckes

    Kate Jenckes

    Associate Professor of Spanish
    On leave Fall 2014
    4404 MLB 1275

    Contemporary Latin American literature, Southern Cone, literary and cultural theory, visual arts, cultural studies, poetry, testimony734.647.3028 / kjenckes@umich.edu

  • Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes

    Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes

    Associate Professor of Spanish
    Director, Latina/o Studies Program
    4408 MLB 1275

    Latin American, Caribbean and US Latino/Latina Literature and Culture; Theater and Performance Studies; Queer, Lesbian and Gay Studies; Women’s and Gender Studies734.763.0510 / lawrlafo@umich.edu

  • Victoria Langland

    Victoria Langland

    Associate Professor of History and Portuguese MLB 4406

    734.763.4624 / langland@umich.edu

  • Karla Mallette

    Karla Mallette

    Professor of Italian 4010 MLB 1275

    Medieval Mediterranean literature in Italian, Arabic, Latin; translation between Greek, Arabic and Latin during the Middle Ages734.647.2351 / alrak@umich.edu

  • Peggy McCracken 8/14

    Peggy McCracken

    Domna C. Stanton Collegiate Professor of French, Women's Studies, and Comparative Literature
    On leave 2014-2015
    4206 MLB 1275

    Medieval French Literature, Medieval Studies, Gender and Sexuality, Women's Studies734.647.2338 / peggymcc@umich.edu

  • Kathleen Meyer

    Kathleen Meyer

    Lecturer IV of French 4028 MLB 1275

    Teaching and coordinating elementary French; The study abroad experience; Identity challenges in France today; Life in France during the Occupation; Second Language Acquisition; Using technology in the classroom734.647.2356 / kemeyer@umich.edu

  • Cristina Moreiras-Menor

    Cristina Moreiras-Menor

    Department Chair
    Professor of Spanish and Women's Studies
    4210 MLB 1275

    Modern and Contemporary Spanish Literature and Film, Psychoanalysis, Cultural and Political Theory, and Women's Studies734.647.2475 / moreiras@umich.edu

  • Maria_Dolores_Morillo_RLL

    Maria Dolores Morillo

    Lecturer III of Spanish 4417 MLB

    Medieval and Early Modern Spanish Literature and Cultures, Cervantes’ Theater, Theater Studies, Colonial Latin American Literature (Crónicas de Indias)734.936.5459 / mdml@umich.edu

  • Daniel Nemser

    Daniel Nemser

    Assistant Professor of Spanish
    On leave 2014-2015
    4122 MLB 1275

    Colonial Latin American literature, history and historiography, race, Nahuatl textuality/indigenous studies.734.647.2328 / dnemser@umich.edu

  • Andrew_Noverr_RLL

    Andrew Noverr

    Lecturer IV of Spanish 4128 MLB 1275

    Elementary Language Instruction, Instructional Technology, Popular Media734.763.4352 / anoverr@umich.edu

  • Michelle Orecchio

    Lecturer IV of Spanish 4042 MLB 1275

    734.647.9803 / orecchio@umich.edu

  • William Paulson

    William Paulson

    Edward Lorraine Walter Collegiate Professor of French 4224 MLB 1275

    18th- & 19th-Century French Literature; Literary Theory; Contemporary Literature; Relations of Culture, Science, & Technology734.647.2675 / wpaulson@umich.edu

  • Dennis Pollard

    Dennis Pollard

    Lecturer IV of Spanish 4036 MLB 1275

    Teaching reading; Instructional technology; Latin American literature734.764.0009 / dennisdp@umich.edu

  • Kristina Primorac_RLL

    Kristina Primorac

    Lecturer IV of Spanish 4034 MLB

    734.763.1343 / kprimora@umich.edu

  • Jaime Rodríguez Matos

    Jaime Rodriguez Matos

    Assistant Professor of Spanish 4136 MLB 1275

    Caribbean literature, Latin American poetry, Latino/a culture, political theory and philosophy734.764.4397 / jaimerod@umich.edu

  • Amaryllis_Rodriguez_Mojica_RLL

    Amaryllis Rodríguez Mojica

    Lecturer IV of Italian, Coordinator for the first year Italian Language Courses 4044 MLB

    734.647.9804 / amirod@umich.edu

  • Javier Sanjinés

    Javier Sanjinés

    Professor of Spanish 4204 MLB 1275

    Latin American Literature and Cultural Studies734.764.4396 / sanjines@umich.edu

  • Teresa Satterfield

    Teresa Satterfield

    Associate Professor of Spanish 4138 MLB 1275

    Romance linguistics, (first) language acquisition, bilingualism, syntactic theory, language variation and contact, computational models of language734.647.2332 / tsatter@umich.edu

  • Adelaide Smith

    Lecturer IV of Italian 4315 MLB 1275

    734.647.2371 / adel@umich.edu

  • Paolo Squatriti

    Paolo Squatriti

    Associate Professor of Italian 4138 MLB 1275

    Italian History and Culture; Medieval European History; Landscape and Power; Technology and Resource Use; Environment734.647.4897 / pasqua@umich.edu

  • Lorrel Sullivan

    Lorrel Sullivan

    Lecturer IV of French 4038 MLB 1275

    734.647.3315 / lorrelsu@umich.edu

  • Szpiech Place Holder

    Ryan Szpiech

    Associate Professor of Spanish 4140 MLB 1275

    Medieval Iberian Literatures, Converso Studies, Medieval Islam, Religious Polemics734.647.2334 / szpiech@umich.edu

  • Gustavo_Verdesio_RLL

    Gustavo Verdesio

    Associate Professor of Spanish 4212 MLB 1275

    Colonial Studies, Native American Studies, Pre-Contact Indigenous Societies, Material Culture, Popular Culture, Theory734.647.2645 / verdesio@umich.edu

  • Yannick Viers

    Yannick Viers

    Lecturer IV of French 4006 MLB 1275

    734.647.2349 / yannick@umich.edu

  • Gareth Williams

    Gareth Williams

    Professor of Spanish 4130 MLB 1275

    Contemporary Latin American Literature, Film, and Cultural/Critical Theory (Deconstruction, Subaltern Studies, Postcolonial Theory, Cultural Studies)734.647.2337 / garethw@umich.edu