• barba.jpg

    Barbara A. Anderson

    Ronald A. Freedman Collegiate Professor of Sociology and Population Studies 4101 LSA

    Quantitative Methodology, Race, Class & Gender, Social Change734.763.1221 / barba@umich.edu

  • ranspach.jpg

    Renee R. Anspach

    Associate Professor 4109 LSA

    Medical Sociology, Sociology of Gender, Qualitative Methods, Social Psychology, Sociology of Deviance734.763.0439 / ranspach@umich.edu

  • Elizabeth Armstrong

    Elizabeth A. Armstrong

    Professor 4210 LSA

    Collective Behavior/Social Movements, Cultural Sociology, Education, Sex and Genderelarmstr@umich.edu

  • baxinn.jpg

    William G. Axinn

    Professor 3147 LSA

    Demography, Family, Life Course, Research Methods, and South Asian Studies734.615.3538 / baxinn@umich.edu

  • jebarber.jpg

    Jennifer S. Barber

    Professor and Associate Chair 4116 LSA

    Demography, Family, Social Psychologyjebarber@umich.edu

  • Rachel Best

    Rachel K. Best

    Assistant Professor 4122 LSA

    Political Sociology, Sociology of Law, Social Movements, Medical Sociology734.763.1220 / rkb@umich.edu

  • dbloome2.jpg

    Deirdre Bloome

    Assistant Professor 4210 LSA

    Stratification/Mobility, Demography, Quantitative Methodology734.764.5897 / dbloome@umich.edu

  • ebruch.jpg

    Elizabeth E. Bruch

    Assistant Professor 4220 LSA

    Demography, Quantitative Methodology, Statistics, Stratification/Mobility, Mathematical Sociology734.615.6969 / ebruch@umich.edu

  • Sarah Burgard

    Sarah A. Burgard

    Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies 4142 LSA

    Demography, Medical Sociology, Stratification/Mobility734.615.9538 / burgards@umich.edu

  • Fatma Müge Göçek

    Professor 4207 LSA

    Historical Sociology, Social Change, Gender & Gender Roles, Sociological Theory, Sociology of the Middle East734.647.4228 / gocek@umich.edu

  • Jansen Profile Photo

    Robert S. Jansen

    Assistant Professor 4222 LSA

    Comparative and Historical Sociology, Political Sociology, Cultural Sociology, Social Theory, Latin America734.763.0078 / rsjansen@umich.edu

  • jaeeunk.jpg

    Jaeeun Kim

    Assistant Professor 3155 LSA

    Political Sociology; Race,Ethnicity, and Nationalism; International Migration and Globalization; Law and Society734.647.8360 / jaeeunk@umich.edu

  • krippner.jpg

    Greta R. Krippner

    Associate Professor 4146 LSA

    Historical Sociology, Economic Sociology, Political Sociology, the Sociology of Law, Social Theory734.764.0341 / krippner@umich.edu

  • krlacy.jpg

    Karyn Lacy

    Associate Professor 4152 LSA

    African American studies, race and ethnicity, the black middle-class734.647.3339 / krlacy@umich.edu

  • slevitsk.jpg

    Sandra R. Levitsky

    Assistant Professor 4111 LSA

    Political Sociology, Law & Society, and Social Movements734.763.0066 / slevitsk@umich.edu

  • kamartin.jpg

    Karin A. Martin

    Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies 3164 LSA

    Children & Youth, Sex & Gender, Sexualities,734.936.0525 / kamartin@umich.edu

  • mizruchi.jpg

    Mark S. Mizruchi

    Robert Cooley Angell Collegiate Professor of Sociology, Barger Family Professor of Organizational Studies, and Professor of Business Administration 4234 LSA

    Economic Sociology, Organizations (Formal & Complex), Political Sociology734.764.7444 / mizruchi@umich.edu

  • morenoff.jpg

    Jeffrey D. Morenoff

    Professor 4118 LSA

    Criminology/Delinquency, Demography, Urban Sociology734.936.2949 / morenoff@umich.edu

  • Alexandra Murphy

    Alexandra Murphy

    Assistant Professor 3162 LSA

    Urban & Community Sociology; Ethnography; Poverty & Inequality; Race, Ethnicity, & Immigration734.763.8874 / murphyal@umich.edu

  • jdos.jpg

    Jason Owen-Smith

    Barger Leadership Institute Professor of Organizational Studies and Professor of Sociology 4120 LSA

    Economic Sociology, Organizational Theory, Networks, Science and Technology734.936.0700 / jdos@umich.edu

  • spedraza.jpg

    Silvia Pedraza

    Professor 4226 LSA

    Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity – Historical and Contemporary, Political Sociology, Collective Behavior, and Social Movements, History of Sociology and American Studies, Latinos/as in the U.S.734.647.3659 / spedraza@umich.edu

  • pjsmock.jpg

    Pamela J. Smock

    Professor 1006 ISR

    Family Demography, Social Stratification, Genderpjsmock@umich.edu

  • peggs.jpg

    Margaret R. Somers

    Professor 4219 LSA

    Political Economy, Citizenship & Rights, Historical Sociology, and Knowledge, Ideas & Social Theory734.764.2900 / peggs@umich.edu

  • Steinmetz picture

    George Steinmetz

    Charles Tilly Collegiate Professor of Sociology and Germanic Languages and Literatures 4215 LSA

    Comparative and Historical Sociology, Cultural Sociology, History of Sociology and Social Thought, Political Sociology734.763.1225 / geostein@umich.edu

  • arlandt.jpg

    Arland Thornton

    Professor 3147 LSA

    Demography, Development, Family, Children & Youth, Survey Research Methodology, Aging/Social Gerontology734.615.3542 / arlandt@umich.edu

  • tsutsui.jpg

    Kiyoteru Tsutsui

    Associate Professor 4228 LSA

    Political/Comparative Sociology, Social Movements, Globalization, Human Rights, Japanese Society734.763.0088 / tsutsui@umich.edu

  • yuxie.jpg

    Yu Xie

    Otis Dudley Duncan Distinguished University Professor of Sociology and Statistics 4257 LSA

    Demography, Education, Stratification/Mobilityyuxie@umich.edu

  • ayoun.jpg

    Alford A. Young Jr.

    Arthur F. Thurnau Professor and Department Chair 3128 LSA

    Cultural Sociology, History of Sociology/Social Thought, Racial & Ethnic Relations, Theory, Urban Sociology734.764.5554 / ayoun@umich.edu

  • Zubrzycki profile

    Geneviève Zubrzycki

    Associate Professor 4112 LSA

    Historical/Comparative Sociology, Nations and Nationalism, Political and Social Change, Post-Socialism (Poland), Sociology of Religion, Collective Memory734.764.7501 / genez@umich.edu