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The Sweetland Center for Writing, a comprehensive writing center, exists to support student writing at all levels and in all forms and modes.

To accomplish this mission, Sweetland oversees the College of LSA’s First-Year and Upper-Level writing requirements, offers one-to-one tutoring for undergraduate and graduate students in our faculty-led Writing Workshop and undergraduate Peer Writing Center, and teaches writing courses from the 100 to the graduate level.

Sweetland provides support for all multilingual and international undergraduate students, offering a range of credit-bearing courses, special sessions at our Writing Workshop and Peer Writing Center, and peer-to-peer conversation groups. We also assist faculty who are teaching multilingual students with resources and seminars.

In addition, Sweetland offers the Sweetland Minor in Writing, teaches and supports new media and multimodal forms of writing, and runs the invitational Dissertation Writing Institute and Sweetland Fellows Seminar. Sweetland offers consultations and workshops for instructors and students across the University, and conducts research on writing.

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