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Instructor Consultations and Workshops

Sweetland offers a variety of support and services for faculty and GSIs across the University. We consult individually with instructors and visit classrooms as well as departments for workshops and training tailored to instructor and classroom needs. More at Consultations and Workshops.

Fellows Seminar

The Sweetland Fellows Seminar, offered during the Winter Term, brings together faculty (Senior Fellows) and graduate students (Junior Fellows) who share a commitment to integrating writing into their courses. Learn more about the program and how to apply as a Senior Fellow on our Fellows Seminar page.

Writing Support for Your Students

Sweetland offers the faculty-led Writing Workshop to assist undergraduate and graduate students with their writing. Peer writing consultations are also available for undergraduate students at our Peer Writing Centers and our Online Writing Lab (OWL). Read more about these services our Writing Support for Your Students page.

Support for ULWR Courses

Sweetland is responsible for approving courses that meet the Upper-Level Writing Requirement. On our Support for ULWR Courses page learn the steps to propose or renew an ULWR course. We can help with designing a course, creating assignments for an existing course, or adapting a current course to meet ULWR criteria.

Teaching Resources

Our Teaching Resources page provides useful writing guides and supplements to topics such as Assigning and Managing Collaborative Writing Projects, Teaching Citation and Documentation Norms, Giving Feedback on Student Writing, Using Peer Review to Improve Student Writing, and Using Blogs in the Classroom.

Directed Self-Placement (DSP) Instructor Resources

Learn more about student and instructor goals for the DSP, how to get involved in the DSP process and find ways to integrate first-year students' DSP essays into your WRITING 100, WRITING 120 or FYWR courses on the Directed Self-Placement Instructor Resources page.

Freelance Writing Services

While we are not funded to provide individual writing support and editorial services to faculty, staff, and other non-student members of the University of Michigan and Ann Arbor communities, we do maintain a small list of Sweetland faculty who may be able to assist on a freelance basis. For more information visit our Freelance Writing Services page.

Support for FYWR Courses

Sweetland is responsible for approving courses that meet the First-Year Writing Requirement. Sweetland offers a variety of information for FYWR instructors on our Support for FYWR Courses page, including suggestions for sequencing course assignment, providing feedback on student writing, and using the Directed Self-Placement essay in your course.

Sweetland Library

The Sweetland Library houses journals and books related to writing and writing pedagogy. All university faculty, GSIs, and students are invited to use the library, located inside the Sweetland Center for Writing, in 1310 North Quad. To browse our library online andfor more information about using the library, visit the Sweetland Library page.

Thurnau Professors

Arthur F. Thurnau Professors know how integral writing is to undergraduate education. In interviews with Sweetland, these professors -- rewarded for their excellence in undergraduate teaching -- frequently emphasized the importance of writing. Read the complete profiles to learn how these educators teach writing in their classes.