Neurolaw (2014 Symposium hosted by Philosophy Department)

Neurolaw 2

Rethinking rationality and its bounds (2013 Symposium hosted by Psychology Department)

Three headed dragon

Bilingualism (2012 Symposium hosted by Liguistics Department)
(Artist: Sarah Thomason)

Thought. Language. Choice. Learning. Emotion. Motivation. How does the mind work, and why does it work the way that it does? Is your brain a biological computer? What is the nature of human agency, the relationship between the mental and the physical?

Cognitive Science is an exciting, fast-growing, and revolutionary area of study which seeks to develop integrated explanations of mind, brain, and behavior. Drawing on concepts and methods from a range of related fields — including linguistics, psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, and computer science — Cognitive Science students acquire a truly interdisciplinary knowledge base and a multifaceted set of analytic skills.

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