Marriage Contracts

Marriage Contract
P. Mich. Inv. 6551
Karanis, 33-B556K-A (2)

This marriage contract, written in Greek, acknowledges that the husband has received his wife’s dowry and stipulates the return of the dowry in the case of divorce. The contract was drawn up on November 15, 143 A.D.

[Copy of a draft] from the [bank of ....]

[Year] 7 of Imperator [Caesar Titus] Aelius Hadrianus Antoninus [Augustus Pius], Hathyr 7.

Chairemonis [daughter of ... granddaughter of] Sokrates with, as guardian, [her relative] Sarapion son of Seuthes to Pasion [son of ...]: [it is acknowledged] that he has received from Chairemonis a dowry upon herself of forty silver drachmai [and] a white tunic worth twenty drachmai. And they will live together with each other, Pasion supplying her with all that is necessary and with clothing as befits a married woman in proportion to his means; and when a separation takes place, Pasion will return to Chairemonis the aforementioned dowry and the tunic in the same valuation.

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