The Universe: Yours to
Discover Steering Committee

Sally Oey (Co-Chair), Department of Astronomy

Amy Harris (Co-Chair), Exhibit Museum of Natural History

Fred Adams, Department of Physics

Gary Foreman, Student Astronomical Society

Jacob Glenn, Shapiro Science Library

Rudi Lindner, Department of History

Matthew Linke, Exhibit Museum of Natural History

Mario Mateo, Department of Astronomy

Kate Mendeloff, Residential College

Shannon Murphy, Department of Astronomy

Jamie Saville, Women in Science and Engineering Program

Sherri Smith, School of Art & Design

Karen Wight, Detroit Observatory

Jan Zirnstein, University Activities Center, Student Astronomical Society

Administrative Support

Jeremey King, Dan Madaj, and Department of Astronomy







© 2009 Regents of the University of Michigan
Winter 2009 Theme Semester is co-sponsored by the Department of Astronomy
and the Exhibit Museum of Natural History
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