Student Organizations

Student Organizations participating in the Theme Semester include:

Student Astronomical Society
SAS educates students and the public about astronomy, brings together undergraduate astronomy majors, professors, and research opportunities, and furthers the interest of individuals who are not astronomy majors.

Society of Physics Students
SPS encourages undergraduate research experiences, promotes science literacy and appreciation through physics, communicates with alumni and the community, encourages careers in physics, assists in student recruitment, provides a gateway to other professional societies in physics, and provides opportunities for leadership.

LSA Student Government
LSA Student Government seeks to improve and enhance the undergraduate experience for the College of LSA.

M-Flicks provides quality programming that is both enriching and entertaining to students, faculty, and staff. M-Flicks shows your favorite films on the big screen for free. Showings range from sneak previews to classics.

University Activities Center
The University Activities Center (UAC) is a student-run programming organization at the University of Michigan. UAC's mission is to provide quality programming that is both entertaining and enriching to the lives of the students, faculty and staff in the University community.






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