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Group Photograph

This photograph features a selection of weaving techniques and types of cloth artifacts from Karanis (and Soknopaiou Nesos), which the Egyptian Antiquities Organization allotted to the University of Michigan at the close of the University’s excavations in the Fayum in 1935. A number of the items in the photograph are featured in the exhibition. Most of these textiles look quite different now, because they have been cleaned and, in some cases, pressed. Unfortunately, no records of their treatments were kept, so this photograph has become the only evidence of the condition of textiles upon their discovery.

Archival Photograph of Textiles from Karanis

Textiles from Karanis (and Soknopaiou Nesos)
Photograph taken on May 31, 1935
Kelsey Museum Archives, 7.2522

Items in this Photograph Featured in this Exhibition:
Photograph 31 = Exhibition 8: Spun thread
Photograph 33 = Exhibition 10: Spun thread
Photograph 52 = Exhibition 9: Spun thread

Photograph 50 = Exhibition 21: Child’s shawl (?)

A cap, a sack, and two mysteries
Photograph 38 = Exhibition 24: Small sack

Where the textiles were found
Photograph 68 = Exhibition 34: Pendant attachments
Compare Photograph 59-61, to Exhibition 32: “rag doll”

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Exhibition 8: Spun thread Exhibition 10: Spun thread Exhibition 9: Spun thread Exhibition 21: Child's shawl(?) Exhibition 24: Small sack Exhibition 34: Pendant attachments Compare to Exhibition 32, "rag doll"