Arbeitsblatt: Popmusik & Verbformen

Goals for Today:


Read through ALL of the following suggested activities. Work with a partner and talk auf Deutsch about what to do and what you find. Your instructor will interrupt you two or three times for a class discussion of what you've found ==> take some notes (auf Deutsch!) as you go! The rest of the time, please ask your instructor for help understanding the lyrics etc.!

Suggested Activities

I. German 231 webpage [12 minutes]

II. Chartsteam [5 minutes]

III. We want you to listen to some songs, and, if possible, to read the song lyrics as you listen. Make a note of any lyrics you like or find funny. Since we need to use headphones in the LRC, you and your partner will need to use adjacent computers. You and your partner should listen to the same songs, so you can compare your reactions (auf Deutsch!). The suggestions below are divided into three categories: [20-23 minutes]

Suggestions for some specific German bands/songs you might want to look for, e.g. on Youtube [Your instructor should be able to get a hold of recordings of many or most of these, so if you find something you really want him/her to play in class tomorrow, let him/her know!]

IV. Perfect Tense Practice [10 minutes]