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Deutsch 221/231--Lehrerseite

Online Resources

Course and Materials Overview

This page is a compilation of downloadable and online resources that may be useful for instructors wishing to teach a third semester German course designed to prepare students to take fourth semester content courses. The course includes:

  • A content-based syllabus covering a broad range of topics in order to prepare students for the range of fourth-semester content courses they can choose from the following term, including "Kennen lernen," youth culture, "Ausländer in Deutschland," German history from the Holocaust to Reunification, and a final unit on Literature and Philosophy
  • Four feature films and miscellaneous shorter videos, which constitute the listening comprehension component of the course
  • Vocabulary lists and accompanying exercises designed to equip students to communicate on the above content areas
  • 8 class days in a computer classroom. The first introduces students to the course website; four are devoted to structured web search activities and one to an exploration of websites on the Holocaust, one to an exploration of the interactive Drehort Neubrandenburg CD-ROM, and one to a synchronous chat session on a short text by Nietzsche.
  • A systematic review and extension of grammar from the first year. Students study the material independently using the "Interactive Grammar Tutor" online, and then apply the grammar in content-based activities in class.
  • A final video project in lieu of a final oral or written examination: students work in groups to create a 5-7 minute video.
  • Four 250-300 word writing assignments
  • A "language learning journal" assigned roughly once a week, for which students find a German-related activity that interests them and do whatever it isfor just under an hour, then briefly and informally write up what they did.

Only resources used specifically for this course are listed on this page; resources used more generally in our courses such as the "Interactive Grammar Tutor," the "German on the Web" link list, information on learning strategies etc., are available on the general resource page.

Please use the "Contact/Feedback" link in the sidebar for questions and comments, or to inquire about incorporating any materials from this site in materials for commercial use.

Downloadable Resources

Click on the links to download the Word files. Feel free to use and edit them to suit your needs. Please use the "Contact/Feedback" link in the sidebar if you have trouble downloading something, if something you'd like to download isn't here, if you would like an electronic copy of the most recent detailed lesson plans for this course, or if you'd like me to mail you a copy of one or more of the articles listed below.

  • Winter 2003 Syllabus in Calendar Form
  • Information on Reading Assignments
  • Information on Video Materials Used in the Course
    • Feature Films
      • Nach Fünf im Urwald (It's a Jungle Out There)
      • Lola rennt (Run Lola Run)
        • The movie was made in 1998, directed by Tom Tykwer, and stars Franka Potente and Moritz Bleibtreu.
        • It is readily available e.g. from Click here for more information about the movie in the Internet Movie Database and elsewhere.
        • Materials for Lola rennt
      • Sonnenallee
      • Hitlerjunge Salomon (Europa, Europa)
        • The movie was made in 1990, directed by Agnieszka Holland, and stars Marco Hofschneider. It is based on the improbable true story of Salomon Perel, who survived the Holocaust as a young boy.
        • It is available from the Goethe Institut Inter Nationes, with or without English subtitles. Click here for more information about the movie in the Internet Movie Database and on the Goethe Institut Inter Nationes site.
        • Materials for Europa, Europa
    • Other Video Materials
      • Drehort Neubrandenburg
        • This is an interactive CD-ROM produced by Franziska Lys at Northwestern University. It consists of a series of video clips shot on location in Neubrandenburg in former East Germany in 1991. Students can view the video with German or English subtitles, or both (or neither), and can do a variety of exercises to practice vocabulary and listening comprehension.
        • Click here for more information, including ordering information.
      • Bildschirm 28: Sketch und Humor von Loriot
        • This video is no longer available (we obtained it from Inter Nationes), but it should be possible to obtain other copies of the two classic Loriot cartoons we use, "Feierabend" and "Das Ei." Each is roughly 3 minutes long.
        • Materials for "Feierabend"
        • Materials for "Das Ei"
      • German TV Commercials Volume 2
        • Unfortunately, I can't trace the source for this video ==> will not include materials for use with it here, but please feel free to contact me if you think you may have the same video and are looking for accompanying materials
      • Schwarzfahrer (Black Rider)
        • This humorous 12-minute video about people riding a tram, made in 1993 by Pepe Danquart, is useful for introducing the topic of racism. I won't give away the plot twist here. Click here for more details and ordering information.
        • Materials for Schwarzfahrer
      • Shoah
      • Children’s Stories by Dr. Heinrich Hoffmann [Struwwelpeter]
      • Fantasia
        • This is the well-known Disney film. We show "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" (roughly 10 minutes long) to students for fun after they have read and discussed Goethe's poem "Der Zauberlehrling." The clip is a surprisingly faithful rendition of the poem, with Mickey Mouse as the apprentice.
  • Other Course Materials


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Online Resources

Course Homepage

  • Deutsch 221/231 The homepage for the course includes access to all the materials listed further below, as well as the following:
    • Online homework schedule for the semester
    • Information on the "Language Learning Journal"
    • Information on the final video project
    • "Kursprozeduren" (including grading scheme, recommended texts, etc.)
    • Relevant links

Web Search Activities

Annotated Texts

  • Chor der Geretteten Includes detailed vocabulary help and other information and leading questions to help students understand this difficult text.
  • Der Panther Includes detailed vocabulary help, background information, and an exercise for fun.


Writing assignments for the semester

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